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Ubuntu Manual – A Great Addition and Must for Beginners

Ubuntu Manual


I must say, we have been pleasantly surprised at the content and quality of the manual developed by the community for Ubuntu 10.04 LTS. These past few days, we have had the opportunity to share it with non-techies and people new to Linux. To our great satisfaction and delight, they not only found the manual extremely easy to follow but were able to do most of the tasks (including installation) without anyone’s help.Ubuntu itself is probably the most intuitive Linux distribution out there. But the manual is a great addition, making adoption of Linux even more easy. The document is divided into 9 distinct chapters that deal with its installation, the desktop environment, security, hardware and software management.  There are even some advanced topics on how to use command line interface to accomplish tasks the traditional way, among others. It even has a chapter on how to use Word, Spreadsheets, web browser, Instant Messaging, including Twitter making it easy for people to migrate to Ubuntu without any glitch.

The documentation is well supported by clear and extremely helpful screen shots of various Ubuntu features, that visually guide the user through many cumbersome tasks. This makes life easy for someone who has never used Ubuntu or Linux before. Considering that it is a community driven project, it is a remarkable achievement and will go a long way in making Linux in general and Ubuntu in particular get mainstream acceptance. We for one are recommending it to anyone who wants to migrate/move to Linux and is unsure of where to begin.

If you prefer to get a printed version of the manual, you can get it through Lulu otherwise, the electronic version in PDF can be downloaded free of cost from Ubuntu Manual Website.

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Ubuntu Pocket Reference for Free

For non-power users (for Linux) out there, here is a pocket reference book for Ubuntu available for free download from the following website. Like the Ubuntu operating system, the book is totally free (no strings attached)

The book covers Ubuntu 8.04 and 8.10 versions so it is pretty up to date. The topics include:
  • Installing and configuring Ubuntu
  • Desktop Guide
  • Users and Filesystem
  • Hands on at the command line
  • Software Management
  • Securing the System
An average Joe can really benefit from this book. Granted, most of this information is already available in the Linux help files and online forums/blogs. But still, it is a nice handy book to have lying around in your office/home.

I see an enormous benefit for this book in office environments where ordinary users are not savvy enough to go online and would prefer a reference manual handy.

For techies out there, it might not be the best read, but definitely a good gift to give along with the OS to your newly initiated friends to Linux.

You can download your free copy from:

Or if you prefer a printed edition, then visit our Amazon Webstore to purchase a copy.

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