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Raspberry Pi – Computer for the Internet of Things Age

Raspberry Pi

In an era of mobile computing, Internet of things and collapsing PC sales, one computer keeps surprising its competitors by outselling many established brands. Raspberry Pi, is a credit card sized single board minuscule computer which has sold well over 2 million in its first 20 months of launch and still going strong.

The devices are loved by not only computer geeks who are building amazing products out of it, but are also found on college campuses, school labs, home automation and even powering websites and supercomputers of sort out there. It seems only our imagination is the limit.

Google itself donated over 15,000 of these devices to UK schools for kids to play and learn computing. And has also open source developed software development kit for children to learn programming.

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Ubuntu vs Fedora


Two of the biggest names in desktop Linux are Ubuntu and Fedora. Both have a huge and sometimes emotionally charged following and will defend one against the other vehemently.

Ubuntu and Fedora currently support almost the same set of software without much difference. Be it desktop applications like LibreOffice, Skype, VLC or Server software like Apache, MySQL, PHP etc. The only difference could be how to install or provide support. In short, there is no difference for an average user.

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Your Media in Plex Heaven

Plex Media Server

Living in the digital & information age also means its an age of “Information Glut”. Our brain at times is overwhelmed by the amount of information it encounters in a day. We struggle to remember it, retrieve it and even share it with our family and friends. And it is even worse on a computer. Some of the videos we shot ages ago are collecting dust in some old hard drive that wont even connect to modern computers. All this data and digital information needs to be rescued and viewed as it was originally destined.

Well, if that media is videos, music or photos you are in luck. Plex not only indexes that information for you but serves it up in a nice VIP Deluxe package that you can access on the go from any device that you may own. Welcome to Plex Media Server.

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Fedora 18 Review

Fedora Project

Fedora 18 much anticipated and delayed release is finally here. And it is worth its wait. There are numerous new features incorporated into the opensource linux operating system including (but not limited to):

  1. Installation is now done through a much improved Anaconda which has been rewritten from scratch.
  2. It supports UEFI Secure Boot. The defacto standard for Microsoft Certified Windows 8 PCs. Hence, it can now run on the latest hardware without any hassels.
  3. Ships with SAMBA 4. The latest version that has support for opensource ACTIVE DIRECTORY built in
  4. Programming languages including Perl, Python, Ruby have also been upgraded to the latest release
  5. MATE desktop environment. It is worth looking at as an alternative to GNOME.
  6. Lots of server based goodies including better NAS & SAN management, private cloud through Eucalyptus, and better multi-ethernet management
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