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How to Install Microsoft Exchange Support for Evolution Mail Client

evolution mail client

Connecting to Microsoft Exchange is never that easy. Especially, if one is trying to do it using open source and free softwares. There are plug-ins to be installed and configured, additional libraries to be installed. And it gets murkier as Exchange also has many versions (Pre 2007 is not web services based). In short, it requires a bit of tinkering on a Linux platform.

Evolution, by Novell is an excellent mail client. It offers not only mail, but calendaring, note taking, address book management and many other features offered by the popular MS-Outlook. What’s more, it even looks like Outlook. Hence, it is ideal software for those migrating from Windows desktop to a Linux. However, and some odd reason (maybe licensing issues) it does not support Microsoft Exchange out of the box. One has to install the drivers/plug-ins to get it going.

Like many others, I have struggled to get the plug-ins going for Exchange. Especially the off-the shelf versions do not always work perfectly. However, I have found one recent guide available online that gets the work done in matter of minutes. And yes, exchange works fine after that.

ExRatione has done an excellent job in putting together a script and a guide to install evolution from scratch with full support for MS-EWS (Microsoft Exchange Web Services). Use this guide to get it going and you will not be disappointed.

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Installing Ubuntu within MacOS X


Many of us have wanted to try and install Linux but cannot part ways with our Windows or Mac OSX. Sometimes, we are not sure if it is worth the switch or if we will ever be comfortable in the new alien environment. But, there are alternatives to this. We can still run Ubuntu and other Linux within our Windows or Mac without needing to uninstall either. Yes, we can actually run Windows and Linux simultaneously using a simple and small software application called Virtualbox.

Of Course, such a solution works great on a fast computer with lots of memory and hard disk space. We recommend at least an Intel’s Core2Duo computer running 4GB of RAM. If you do it in anything less, you might run into performance issues.

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How to Install Ubuntu Linux

Installing Ubuntu

A lot of my friends have asked me to install Ubuntu Linux on their computers as an alternate to Microsoft Windows. And many more have asked for a suitable and easy to follow guide for doing just that. So here it is. A simple and easy visual guide that I have put together for everyone, even non-techies to use. I have deliberately tried to keep it simple, easy and visual so that anyone can use it to install the operating system. Ubuntu installation is anyways a breeze and this guide will only make it more so.

Do not worry about the version of Ubuntu that you are installing. All versions are similar when it comes to installation. Hence, Ubuntu 11.04, 12.04, 12.10 etc will all install in a similar fashion.

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