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Raspberry Pi – Computer for the Internet of Things Age

Raspberry Pi

In an era of mobile computing, Internet of things and collapsing PC sales, one computer keeps surprising its competitors by outselling many established brands. Raspberry Pi, is a credit card sized single board minuscule computer which has sold well over 2 million in its first 20 months of launch and still going strong.

The devices are loved by not only computer geeks who are building amazing products out of it, but are also found on college campuses, school labs, home automation and even powering websites and supercomputers of sort out there. It seems only our imagination is the limit.

Google itself donated over 15,000 of these devices to UK schools for kids to play and learn computing. And has also open source developed software development kit for children to learn programming.

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Can Intel’s Edison Minuscle Computer to jumpstart Wearable Computing?


Edison Micro (SD Sized) Computer is different. Significantly different from its predecessors. And not just in size but in how it is being packaged together.

For one, it supports Linux out of the box and not Windows. It subtly points to the direction Intel is progressing towards slowly. A world without Windows.

It is powered by the next generation of Atom processors, called Quark. Which Intel boasts consumes a tenth the power of Atom processor and is only one-fifth the size of its predecessor.

The computer is not much bigger than a typical SD card, which means, the next generations of this minute machine would be even smaller. Possibly MicroSD Card sized. Making them not only ubiquitous but completely new category of computing.

It comes with its own AppStore. Ubuntu had an Appstore long before Apple, Android or Nokia had one. Now Intel wants in as well. It is a clear sign that Intel is no longer interested to be the hardware manufacturer but would now be a systems integrator like Apple, like HP and like Dell (or what’s left of it).

Intel is also launching a software development competition worth US$1 Million in prizes. That is definitely a clear signal to competitors that it seriously wants to push the platform out into the wild and is not just a one off device.

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