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How to configure Raspberry Pi Ethernet with Static IP Address

Raspberry Pi

In case if you plan to set your Raspberry Pi with a static IP address, then follow the steps listed below:

Kindly make sure that you are logged into Raspberry Pi on command line (console or SSH) before proceeding.

Configuring a Static IP Address on Ethernet Port:

The file along with path where network information is stored on a Pi running Debian (Raspbian) is:


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Raspberry Pi – Computer for the Internet of Things Age

Raspberry Pi

In an era of mobile computing, Internet of things and collapsing PC sales, one computer keeps surprising its competitors by outselling many established brands. Raspberry Pi, is a credit card sized single board minuscule computer which has sold well over 2 million in its first 20 months of launch and still going strong.

The devices are loved by not only computer geeks who are building amazing products out of it, but are also found on college campuses, school labs, home automation and even powering websites and supercomputers of sort out there. It seems only our imagination is the limit.

Google itself donated over 15,000 of these devices to UK schools for kids to play and learn computing. And has also open source developed software development kit for children to learn programming.

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Crazyflie Nano Quadcopter – Opensource and Hackable

Crazyflie Nano

Crazyflie is an awesome drone. It fits right into your palm weighing less than an ounce. Surprisingly, it can be equipped with goodies like camera and LEDs. You control the drone with a gamepad (Sony Playstation) over wireless radio. Wow.

The best part about this Crazyflie is that it is completely open source and most of the code is written in Python. Hence, it is to extend and port. Already there are ports to Raspberry Pi and Android platforms.

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The Supercomputer that’s Raspberry Pi

RaspberryPi Computer

Watching this video you will feel how innovative and genius some of us are. Look at them, they have stacked 64 of RaspberryPi’s US$25 dollar computers into a supercomputer of some sort. It boasts a memory of 1TB by cobbling together 16GB SD cards in each of the computers running Linux. And what is more amazing is that it is housed in Lego brick casing. Wow.

If you feel like building your own Supercomputer out of these minuscule computers, the professors at University of Southampton have provided a guide and can be downloaded from their website here.

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